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Big Ben Apparel, the fusion of sport, style and comfort.

Big Ben Apparel is New York based company, producing American sports clothing, and accessories. We are manufacturer/supplier of plain and decorative apparels to cater customer’s needs. Our mission is to enhance athlete’s performance by keeping them cool, dry, and light through out the game.

Extraordinary passion for sporting lifestyle keeps us dedicated to manufacture products that help athletes perform at their best. With team spirit and commitment, we continuously innovate to establish new benchmarks in everything we do to cater for the needs and desires of consumers, more than any of our competitors.

Big Ben Apparel fosters culture of innovation, service, comfort, and design. That’s why whatever we do; we do with style and conviction. Our determination enables us to take risk and realize our dream.

We started this company by offering better products at the most competitive price. We control every aspect of garment manufacturing - we make our own fabrics, control our dyes and, if we have to, lower our margins to give you the best product at the best price OEM Customization

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